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Yosuke Amemiya "One Fruit Sculpture and Breathlessness, and the Rest All in the Backyard"

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Yosuke Amemiya "One Fruit Sculpture and Breathlessness, and the Rest All in the Backyard"
session:2020.9.11 Fri. - 10.10 Sat. 13:00 - 19:00
*closed on Sun, Mon, Tue and public holidays.
opening Reception : 2020.9.11 Fri. 17:00 - 19:00
venue:SNOW Contemporary

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SNOW Contemporary is pleased to present Yosuke Amemiya’s solo exhibition “One Fruit Sculpture and Breathlessness, All The Rest Is In The Backyard” from Friday, September 11th through Saturday, October 10th, 2020.

Amemiya was born in 1975 in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. After receiving a B.A. at Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Oil Painting Course in 1999, Amemiya relocated to Europe in 2011 and completed an M.A. at Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam) in 2013. He currently resides in Berlin. His major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing 2010: Can There Be Art?” (2010, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo), “Kunisaki Art Festival—The Principle of Hope” (2014, Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita), and “20th DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” (2018, The National Art Center, Tokyo). Amemiya has challenged viewers to rethink through the boundary on universal matters that are not recognized in everyday life through his works of varied media including sculpture, video installation, and performance.

Many of Amemiya’s sculptures, including apple in which the artist has continuously been creating since the early stage of his career as well as the sculptures of a Teddy bear, frog, and banana, the sizes have been indicated as “life-size” in their captions. Those works of everyday motifs were created to resemble the real objects at a more detailed level including their sizes, and at times have given the impression of being more “realistic” than real objects. Just as the artist once commented himself “my works of apples focus on the experience that doubting what ‘seems to make the world’ may sometimes make the world itself look drastically different, like a domino effect,” (from the press release of Amemiya’s solo exhibition “Ring Me Twice” [2018, SNOW Contemporary]), the works have been questioning the boundaries of presence.

However, while the outbreak of COVID-19 has accelerated the society to expedite its transition towards an online structure such as remote working and online shopping, Amemiya has been deeply reconsidering what “life-size” truly means.

In this exhibition entitled “One Fruit Sculpture and Breathlessness, All The Rest Is In The Backyard,” one scltupre featuring multiple fruit motifs of a banana, persimmon, pear, and others, would be exhibited on a pedestal in the main gallery. Amemiya, who has been creating delicate life-size sculptures until today, will deeply reexamine what “life-size” truly means in this exhibition. We sincerely welcome all to this occasion where viewers could experience what the concept of “life-size” truly means under the current society and circumstances.
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