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Shu Yonezawa Solo exhibition
session:2024.2.22thu - 3.30sat 13:00 - 19:00
*closed on Sun, Mon, Tue and public holidays.
venue:SNOW Contemporary / 404 Hayano Bldg. 2-13-12 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
opening reception : 2024.2.22fri 17:00 - 19:00

SNOW Contemporary is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Yonezawa Shu, "Skin of the Sea, Bone of the Absence," from February 22 (Thu) to March 30 (Sat), 2024.

Yonezawa, who will be exhibiting at SNOW Contemporary for the first time, is a young artist of note who is both an artist and animator. She creates works that include the physicality of characters in current digital animation, the physicality and emotions of the minds of creatures in the real world, and the atmosphere of the space in which the characters live.

Yonezawa expresses the texture of the characters in digital animation as if they are stuck to the other side of the display, the ghostly physicality that animators leave on the digital screen when drawing animation, and its afterimage through a variety of media such as video, two-dimensional works, and installations. In Yonezawa's works, the desire to create “creatures that do not die” in digital animation intersects with a strong desire to make digital animation a “living thing.”

The “Obake Screenshot” series, which focuses on the “Obake” technique of afterimage expression in animation, was born from the question of what death means to animation. The contradiction in the term “Obake,” which evokes the idea of death, is that the presence of a dead frame gives life to the objects in the animation, and the existence of the Obake’s frame itself leads to the development of the future.
This is connected to the artist’s own fundamental questions about the mystery of the cycle of life and about life and death.

Yonezawa hopes that by constructing his world of work in the same way that he captures the light and air around animated characters as they twinkle with life, he will provide a small opportunity for someone who is feeling the pain of living in today’s chaotic society to realize what is truly important.

This exhibition, “Skin of the Sea, Bone of the Absence,” will consist of Yonezawa’s new video work and two-dimensional works. We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the world of Shu Yonezawa.

Artist Statement
Shu Yonezawa

I may continue to be born and finish in the middle, or a little later I may naturally shrivel up and assimilate with the great currents and waves. At all times, animation is simply there. I am happy, I am glad. Feeling you and seeing the ocean seem to be the same thing.
When we evolve, how do these many happy and sad things affect our bodies and minds over a long, long time?
Life was born, eyes were created, and we evolved into diverse forms. Focusing on the tree of life in the ocean, which has been connected since ancient times, I explore the relationship between people and the world with future anima and new communication beyond words.

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