Hideki Iinuma + Koen Vermeule "POEM"

Session:2019.7.13 Sat. - 8.10 Sat. 13:00 - 19:00
Opening Reception: 2019.7.13 Sat 18:00-20:00
*Admission free / Closed on Sun, Mon, Tue and public holidays.
Venue: SNOW Contemporary

SNOW Contemporary is pleased to present the two-person exhibition “POEM” by Hideki Iinuma and Koen Vermeule from Saturday, July 13th through Saturday, August 10th, 2019.

Hideki Iinuma enrolled in the Nantes School of Art (France) after completing M.F.A. at Aichi University of the Arts in 2002, and was based in Europe until 2006. Since returning to Japan, Iinuma has been showcasing works in various venues unlimited to conventional art spaces such as the open-air installation in Rokko Mountain for “Rokko Meets Art 2013,” in-store exhibitions in LUMINE Shinjuku, window displays in Mitsukoshi Isetan Department store, and a large-scale solo exhibition titled “Fighting The Goddesses” at Matsumoto City Museum of Art in 2016 where he presented a dynamic installation consisting of approximately 120 wooden sculptures. With his fascinating and urbanized perspective of creation, each of his exhibitions has been collecting considerable applause.

The Dutch painter, Vermeule was born in 1965, and graduated from The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1992. Since then, he has showcased works at museums and galleries across the globe such as the Dresden City Art Museum (Germany), Galerie Alte Meister (Germany), and Gerhard Hofland (the Netherlands) and others. In 2017, he received the prestigious Sacha Tanja Penning Art Award in the Netherlands. The wet ground after the rain, the long shadows at dusk, and the glaring lights at dawn are combined with contemporary figures suggest a different atmosphere from the traditional Dutch landscape paintings, and connotes a quiet loneliness of the contemporary society in which has been collecting large sympathies and followings.

[left]「Sunset Blue, 2011, 100 x 200cm [right] Windflower, 2013, 200 x 250cm

Iinuma creates wooden sculptures, and Vermeule creates paintings. Although media in their practice are different with each other, Iinuma and Vermeule have had companionship for more than a decade, and Iinuma mentions he finds human senses and atmospheres in the margins created in Vermeule’s works in which could be described similar to the spreading imagination of the Japanese haiku. The style of Iinuma’s work is to encourage the audience to actively experience the work without the subjectivity being loudly expressed by Iinuma himself, which could be seen as an influence by Vermerule to no small extent in some way.

Since they exhibited together in the Netherlands in 2008, this exhibition will be the first in almost a decade to showcase the works of the two artists together. We sincerely hope this exhibition will be an occasion for all the viewers to discover unseen attractions by Vermeule, who’s works have a subtle perception and atmosphere formed by the representation of shifted reality (=POEM), and the strength and beauty of women created by Iinuma.



【Hideki Iinuma】
1998 Tamagawa University, Tokyo
1999-2000 Ateller du carrousel, Louvre, Paris
2001 Aichi Prefecture University of Fine-Arts, Aichi
2001-2004 Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts, Nantes
※Studied under PRASMUS;
 - 2002 Kunst-Akademie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe
 - 2003-2004 Nuova Academia di belle Arti, Milan
 - 2004 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen


2018 -“New works”, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam/Holland
   -“Tokyo Paradise” SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
   -“Vigilius mountain resort”, Merano, Vigilijoch, Italy
2017 -“Amazon Nile Taklamakan”, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japam
2016 -“FITING THE GOODESESSES”, Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Nagano/Japan
   -“shape shifting”, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam/Holland
2014 -“6th Sense”, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
2013 -“Portrait of Fashion”, ISETAN Department Store Art Gallery, Tokyo/Japan
   -“Cadence Circus Decadence”, H.P.France Window Gallery, Tokyo/Japan
   -“THE SWEET MUSIC OF LIFE”, Ginza Mitsukoshi 8F gallery, Tokyo/Japan
2011 -“Beauties”, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
   -“Beauties”, SLANT, Kanazawa/Japan
2010 -“Marian Cramer Projects”, Amsterdam, Holland
2006 - Fabian & Claude Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2005 - Ernst Barlach Museum, Hamburg, Germany
   - Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2004 - Cornellus Pleser, Munich, Germany
2003 - Vigillius Mountain Resort, Merano, Vigiljoch, Italy
   - Cornellus Pleser, Munich, Germany
2002 - Maison Billaud, Fontenay-le-Comte, France
   - Cornellus Pleser, Munich, Germany
   - Chappelle du Genetil, Chateau-Gontier, France


2018 -“Echoes from the Past | Tokyo | Berlin | Kerava”, Kerava Museum, Kerava, Finland
2017 -“Universal Nature”, SEZON ART GALLERY, Tokyo/Japan
2016 -“LUMInE meets AETWARD 2015”, Tokyo/Japan
   -“Unveiling vo.11”, SNOW Contemporay, Tokyo/Japan
   -“ODORE CHOKOKU”, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, Tokyo/Japan
   -“next : New Generation Artists”, Ina Culture Hall, Nagano/Japan, Ginza NAGANO, Tokyo/Japan
2015 -“New Generation Artists in NAGANO 2014”, Nagano Prefecture Ina Culture Hall, Nagano/Japan
   -“next : New Generation Artists in NAGANO 2014 in Ginza”, Ginza NAGANO, Tokyo/Japan
2014 -“Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 ART”, Tokyo/Japan
   -“TAG-TEN”, Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Nagano/Japan
   -“next : New Generation Artists”, Hokuto Culture Hall, Nagano/Japan
   -“Anti ? War : Resistance against the Anticipated War”, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
2013 -“Rokko Meets Art”, Mt.Rokko/Japan
   -“3rd Exhibition AGAIN-ST”, Art Space 1, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo/Japan
2012 -art & Charity program, “KISS THE HEART”, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Tokyo/Japan
   -“Tomorrow is today I see for the first time”, SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
   -“LUMINE meets ART 2012”, Ikebukuro LUMINE, Tokyo/Japan
2011 -“Ask the wine”, Hinest Build. 2F, Kyoto/Japan
   -“TOKYO PARIS ROTTERDAM”, Tongerlohuys Museum Roosendaal, Holland
2010 -“Featuring S(outh)E(ast)A(sia)”, Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2009 -“Exemplary”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, Holland
2008 -“Global Nomads”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, Holland
2007 -“Bird Watching”, de Vishal, Haarlem, Holland
2004 -“Jeunne creation 2004”, Paris, France
   -“Wood Sculpture Symposium”, Plauen, Markneukirchen,Germany
2003 -“acb galeria”, Budapest, Hungary
2002 -“La Biennale”, Rennes, France
   -“Wood Sculpture Symposium”, Plauen, Markneukirchen,Germany
   - "Collectif 125" St-Germain des-Pres, Paris, France


2016 - LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015 grand prize, Tokyo/Japan
2013 - Rokko Meets Art 2013 special sponsor award, Tokyo/Japan
2004 - First prize of International wood sculpture symposium, Germany
2001 - Scholarship by government France, Japan
1999 - Scholarship of INOAC Company, Japan

【Koen Vermeule】
Born in 1965
Lives and works in Amsterdam

1983-1988 TeHaTex, Tilburg
1990-1992 Rijiksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
1994 Charlotte Koher Award, Visual Arts
1998- current External Advisor graduate student and Guest Lecturer at different art academies, a.o. Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Academie Minerva Groningen, ArtEZ higeschool voor de kunsten Enschede, Koninklijke Academie van Beelde Kunsten den Haag


2015 -“Wanderlust”, Galerie Wittenbrink, Munchen, Germany
2013 -“Mirror Me”, Brozo Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
2012 -“High above Ground”, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, Holland
    -“Dreamer”, Galerie Wittenbrink, Munchen, Germany
2011 -“Roaming”, Brozo Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
2009 -“Out and About”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Holland
2006 -“Spring”, Galeria MasART, Spain
    -“Nieuw werk”, Steendrukkerij, Holland
2005 -“Nieuw werk”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Holland
2004 -“Wachten in stilte, Waiting in Silence”, Museum De Beyerd, Holland
2003 -“Zee & Land”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Holland
2002 -“Naar Renesse”, Plus Min, Holland
2001 “-Saptemberlicht”, Fries Museum, Holland
2000 -“Valderrobres”, Steendrukkerij, Holland
    -“Torsion Facil”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Holland
1996 -“Unisono 1”, Stedelijk Museum, Holland


2015 -“Koen Vermeule ? Bob Kovel”, Gasunie, Holland
-“Wind Water Wad Museum Belvedere”, Ornjewoud, Hoallnd
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2013 -“Geteilt / Ungelteilt ? Kunsst in Deutschland 1945 bis 2010”, Galerie Neue Meister, Germany
-“As tears go by”, Cokkie Snoei, Holland
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2012 -“Earthbound”, Galerie Gerhard Hofland, Hoallnd
2011 -“Hollandse meesters in de 21ste eeuw”, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Holland, Institut Neerlandais, France, Stedelijk Museum, Holland
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2008 -“Global Nomads”, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Holland
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2017 -Sacha Tanja Penning art award 2017