Haruya Nakajima "AZABU SHOYO - To ramble about AZABU"

SNOW Contemporary is pleased to announce Haruya Nakajima's solo exhibition of his latest works "AZABU SHOYO - To ramble about Azabu -," from Friday, June 2nd through Saturday, July 1st, 2017.

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa in 1989, Nakajima completed Department of Japanese literature, Faculty of literature, Hosei University (Tokyo) and studied under Nobuhiko Utsumi and Hiroyuki Matsukage in Bigakko. His works have described the complication and difficulty of today's society through literary sarcastic approaches in the medium of film, paintings, sculptures and performances. Recent activities include solo exhibitions such as “Penelope’s Border” (TAV GALLERY) in 2015, “High-Low, Left-Right, Now Here” (Maruki Gallery For The Hiroshima Panels) in 2014, and group exhibition ”Chaos *Lounge, New Arts Festival 2016, city theater ’Onahama-Ryugu’ " in 2016, making him one of the most noteworthy uprising young artists of his generation.

In the past, Nakajima has presented works that derive from the sociality of certain locations chained with his emotional aspects through the visuals of himself walking around the towns, including “Vale Tudo in New Town” where he wrestled in New Town where he grew up, or in “Urashima Modern Loitering Story” where he acted as Urashima Taro and wandered around Onahama, Fukushima in 2016.

The location for his newest work in this exhibition is Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. The word “Shoyo” in the exhibition title means “rambling,” and is also the name of the literary figure Shoyo Tsubouchi who developed modern literature. Japanese modern literature, which started with transcribed comic storytelling, is the origin of sharing personal stories. Nakajima’s mind connected this with hip-hop, where people would sing out their personal words on the street. Nakajima’s such mind, which may first seem as unconnected matters at first sight, leap from wide main streets to narrow alleyways, from residential areas to high-rise buildings, as though delightfully rambling through the diverse cityscapes and rendering new perspectives. Now is a time where timelines of device screens would renew itself every each minute, and the cityscapes repeat their scrap and build. Confusion arising in the changing current is not stopped thoughts or indecision, but rather an acquisition of a new selfness that allows renewing itself to even something that excesses one’s existing intentionality.

We hope Nakajima’s such new works where he continuously rambles through the constantly transforming Tokyo, away from any existing vested rights and questioning the subtle differences he finds, would be inspiring for all viewers.


session:2017/6/2(Fri) – 7/1(Sat) 11:00 – 19:00 
*closed on Sun. Mon. and public holidays
*some events take place on Sundays
opening reception:6/2(Fri) 18:00 – 20:00
venue:SNOW Contemporary


□performance “Contemporary Art Rakugo”
admission fee:500yen
artists: Hiroyuki Matsukage, Haruya Nakajima
to apply:

□talk show “Azabu, reflecting Tokyo”
admission fee:1,000yen
guests:Shinji Miyadai, Haruya Nakajima
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Contemporary Artist, Rapper(Stag Beat)

1989 Born in Kanagawa
Graduated from Department of Japanese literature, Faculty of literature, Hosei university, and completed Bigakko

■Selected Solo Exhibition
2015 “Penelope’s Border” TAV GALLERY, Tokyo/Japan
2014 “High-Low, Left-Right, Now Here” Maruki Gallery For The Hiroshima Panels,Saitama/Japan
         “GACHINKO – New Town, Pro Wrestling, Hip Hop –“ Nao Nakamura, Tokyo/Japan
2012 “REACH MODERN” Gallery Ajito, Nagoya/Japan
2011 “BAD ROMANCE” TANA Gallery Bookshelf, Tokyo/Japan

■Selected Group Exhibition
2017 “Stag Beat 1st.album “From Insect Cage” Release Party ONE-MAN LIVE & CAVE MORAY
         Crew Exhibition “INSECT CAGE”” ANAGRA, Tokyo/Japan
2016 “Chaos * Lounge, New Arts Festival 2016, city theater “Onahama-Ryugu”” Manbo-ya, Fukushima/Japan
         “Current war painting exhibition” TAV GALLERY, Tokyo/Japan
2015 ““KITAJIMA/KOHSUKE”#12” Cata/Combe, Tokyo/Japan
         “Front” Nao Nakamura, Tokyo/Japan
         “Trans Arts Tokyo 2015” Kanda Down Town, Tokyo/Japan
2014 “Drift” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery A, Tokyo/Japan
2013 “Bigakko Downer Side” Trans Arts Tokyo 2013, Tokyo/Japan
         “Tokyo BCN10443” Olivart Art Gallery, Barcelona/Spain
         “IKERUKIGASURU Exhibition” HIGURE 17-15 cas, Tokyo/Japan
2012 “Labor,Party,Nuclear – After Nuclear Family” Trans Arts Tokyo 2012, Tokyo/Japan
         "NAINARU NAGOYA” Trans Arts Tokyo 2012, Tokyo/Japan
         “Tokyo Slick” namGallery, Tokyo/Japan
         “Village Project HOUSE100” The Container, Tokyo/Japan
         “Basement – Space that interfere each other –“ Art Studio Dungeon, Tokyo/Japan
2011 “Art Gig Tokyo 2” Tamai Hospital, Tokyo/Japan
         “I Wanna Be Strong” Bigakko, Tokyo/Japan
         “WAKUWAKU SHIBUYA” Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo/Japan
         “VIVA☆CO” TANA Gallery Bookshelf, Tokyo/Japan
2010 “via art 2010” Art Museum of Shinwa, Tokyo/Japan
         “Shibuya Triennale 2010” Shibu-House, Tokyo/Japan
         “Vagina exercise” Bunbodo Gallery, Tokyo/Japan
2009 “Interior Sketch” Bunbodo Gallery, Tokyo/Japan

■Selected Solo Project/Event
2016 “Meets Nights at Barrack” Barrack, Okinawa/Japan
         “Death and Lyricism” Bigakko, Tokyo/Japan
         “Japanese Rap Criticism Night” Bunrokudo Book Store Koenji branch, Tokyo/Japan
         “Bigakko “trip” recommendation of outsider” GARTER GALLERY, Tokyo/japan
         “Avant garde and Contemporary” Bigakko, Tokyo/Japan
         “Makoto Aida’s Per Month Rounding Bar 4th Night” Bigakko, Tokyo/Japan
2014 “Burn Words that do not burn” Yokohama Triennale 2014, Yokohama/Japan
         “Artaud 24 hours++Return” Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo/Japan
2013 “HEL・GABAL” Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo/Japan
         “Kudo Tetsumi Night” Bigakko, Tokyo/Japan
2012 “8th Extra virgin Theater” Cafe SMiLE, Tokyo/Japan
2011 “Artaud 24 hours” Akasaka Red Theater, Tokyo/Japan

■Selected Media/Text
2016 “Tell me! Buzz Police Returns” AbemaTV, Tokyo/Japan
         “Bigakko-Gigmenta 2016 “exhibition’s Review”” Bigakko, Tokyo/Japan
         “Cultural talk radio “Life” TBS radio, Tokyo/Japan
2015 Series “Alternative exhibition critic of Haruya Nakajima” Rooftop
         Interview : “Listening to the enthusiasm of the solo exhibition to Hareya Nakajima of artist
         in the post 3.11 era” bitecho
         “Special Features : Forefront of Japanese Art !!” Selected to curation in a magazine Bijyutu Techo, May 2015 2012 Work offering : “A big investigation that contemporary art can be made even at a
         31-year-old single man without aesthetic sense at all” Yoppy, Yahoo! japan