Hideki Iinuma "Amazon Nile Taklamakan"

SNOW Contemporary is pleased to announce Hideki Iinuma solo exhibition “Amazon Nile Taklamakan” from Saturday, March 11th, through Saturday, April 15th.

Hideki Iinuma enrolled in the Nantes School of Art (France) after completing M.F.A. at Aichi University of the Arts in 2002, and had been based in Europe until 2006. After returning back to Japan in 2006, his recent activities have expanded to exhibiting artworks in various spaces outside of art spaces, including an open-air installation in Rokko Mountain for “Rokko Meets Art 2013,” and “LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015” where he exhibited inside LUMINE Shinjuku.
For his solo exhibition “Fighting The Goddesses” at Matsumoto City Museum of Art in 2016, approximately 120 wooden sculptures were exhibited and the dynamic installation with stories in each exhibition room became highly noted for its impressive presence.

For this solo exhibition, Iinuma would describe a unique fantasy story world with his wooden sculptures.
From the ancient years, sculpture has evolved itself as an expression through carrying the intentions of spreading religious beliefs and political viewpoints through applying materialistic forms to symbolic philosophies and conceptions.
People have deepened their beliefs by imagining the stories behind the visual presence of gods that have appeared in front of them in the forms of sculptures.
Iinuma previously was inspired by women in fashion magazines and have been expressing their beautiful struggles and powers, however, recently his works express the power of women at our current time through materializing their world with stories along, as seen in his new series “Akasagarbha” where he replaced six bodies of Koku Bosatsu (Ākāśagarbha Bodhisattva—a bodhisattva who is associated with the great element of space) with his sculpture works.
In this exhibition, as stated in its title “Amazon Nile Taklamakan,” Iinuma would disclose magnificent perceptions of our world.

Please do look forward to how Iinuma’s world would invite us to a journey of his story world, as well ashow he takes on new challenges of returning back to the original intendments the medium of sculpture essentially connotes.


session:2017/3/11(Sat) – 4/15(Sat) 11:00 – 19:00 *closed on Sun. Mon. and public holidays
opening reception:3/11(Sat) 17:00 – 19:00
venue:SNOW Contemporary


Born in Nagano, Japan in 1975. Lives and works in Tokyo.
2001-2004 Ecole Regionale des Beaux-Arts, Nantes *Studied under RRASMUS; - Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen
       - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan
       - Kunst-Akademie Karlsruhe
1999-2000 1998-2001 1994-1998
       Atelier du carrousel, Louvre, Paris
       Aichi Prefecture University of Fine-Arts, Aichi Tamagawa University, Tokyo

2016 "Hideki Iinuma – Fighting the Goddesses"Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Nagano/Japan
2014 "6th Sense", SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo
2013 “Portrait of Fashion”, Isetan Shinjuku Store 5F Art Gallery, Tokyo/Japan
       “Cadence Circus Decadence”, H.P.France Window Gallery, Tokyo/Japan
       "THE SWEET MUSIC OF LIFE", Ginza Mitsukoshi 8F gallery, Tokyo
2011 "Beauties", SNOW Contemporary], Tokyo/Japan
       "Beauties" SLANT, Kanazawa/Japan
2010 Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Holland
2006 Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2005 Ernst Barlach museum, Hamburg, Germany
       Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Swiss
2004 Cornelius Pleser, Munich, Germany
2003 Vigilius Mountain Resort, Merano, Vigiljoch, Italy
       Cornelius Pleser, Munich, Germany
2002 Maison Billaud, Fontenay-le-Comte, France Cornelius Pleser, Munich, Germany
       Chappelle du Genetil, Chateau-Gontier, France

2015 "New Generation Artists in NAGANO 2014"Nagano Prefectual Ina Culture Hall, Nagano/Japan
       “next : New Generation Artists in NAGANO 2014 in Ginza” Ginza NAGANO, Tokyo/Japan
       “世界の逸品展 ーDOORSー現代アートへの扉”The Westin Tokyo, B1F Kusunoki, Tokyo/Japan
2014 "たぐ展☆TAG-TEN” Matsumoto City Museum of Art , Nagano/Japan
2013 “Rokko Meets Art 2013”, Mt.Rokko, Hyogo/Japan
       “3rd Exhibition AGAIN-ST”, Art Space 1, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo/Japan
2012 "art & charity program 'KISS THE HEART#1'", Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo/Japan
       "Tomorrow is today I see for the first time", SNOW Contemporary, Tokyo/Japan
       "LUMINE meets ART 2012", Ikebukuro LUMINE, Tokyo/Japan
2011 "ask the wine" Hinest Build. 2F, Kyoto/Japan -“TOKYO PARIS ROTTERDAM”, Museum Tongerlohuys, Holland
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2002 La Biennale A Vos Arts, Rennes, France
       Wood Sculpture Symposium FLUR 2002 Plauen, Markneukirchen, Germany Collectif 125, St-Germain des-Pres, Paris, France

2016 LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015 grand prize, Tokyo/Japan
2013 Rokko Meets Art 2013 special sponsor award, Tokyo/Japan
2005 Ernst Barlach Prize, Hamburg, Germany
2004 First prize of International wood sculpture symposium, Plauen 2004, Germany
2001 Scholarship by government France, Japan
1999 Scholarship of INOAC Company, Japan