Korehiko Hino, Jumbo Suzuki, SWOON, Brian Adam Douglas “Storytellers”

SNOW Contemporary is pleased to announce group exhibition “Storytellers” by four artists, Korehiko Hino, Jumbo Suzuki, SWOON and Brian Adam Douglas.

From ancient times and all ages and cultures, storytelling expressions within art had been related to myths, history, folk stories and religions, at times functioning as the language itself, or even fulfilling roles as a communication method universally shared. However, storytelling in contemporary art nowadays have an even more broader view and expanded interpretation, by its history, politics, races, gender and personal experiences of both the artist and the viewer all intertwine with each other. The viewer not only accepts the ready-made one-dimensional sense of value as before, but also would relate with the artwork oneself more proactively with one's experience and imagination, making the work allow to weave out a new story.

As Brian Adam Douglas explains himself the storytelling feature of this own works as followed — What I often find is that people want me to explain the meaning of each work. My response is to ask them what they think the work is about. I am fascinated to see what they bring to the work. (from Brian Adam Douglas - Paper cuts) — the storytelling feature in contemporary art expressions becomes a hint to unwind the artists' expressions on one hand, as well as possessing potentials of enlightening interpretations of the viewers on the other.

In this exhibition, watercolor expressiona by Korehiko Hino where he newly challenges, abstract expressions of Jumbo Suzuki where he visualizes his own visions, new artworks by SWOON of motifs she currently shows in her solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, and collage artworks of Brian Adam Douglas of animals and people motifs exhibited in Japan for its very first time, all would gather and be exhibited together.

It would be a wonderful pleasure to introduce the appreciation of story expressions woven by the four artists on this occasion.


2014.9.5 Fri – 21 Sun 13:00 – 19:00
*closed on 9/8(Mon) and 16(Tue)
venue:SNOW Contemporary (XYZ collective) 2-30-20 1F Tsurumaki Setagaya Tokyo
artists:Korehiko Hino, Jumbo Suzuki, SWOON, Brian Adam Douglas

photo : Keizo Kioku

BIOGRAPHY - representing artists

Korehiko Hino

Born in Ishikawa, Japan in 1976. Lives and works in Tokyo.
He completed the Master Course in Painting at University of Tsukuba in 2001 and currently works at Tama Art University as a lecturer. His major exhibitions include “Life” (2006 / Art Tower Mito), solo exhibition “Wandering and Questioning”(2010 / Shanghai Art Museum), solo exhibition "Korehiko Hino - What Lies Beneath"(2011 / The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery) and solo exhibition “Scenery as “(2013 / SNOW Contemporary). He awarded Tokyo Wonderwall Prize at "Tokyo Wonderwall Contest 2003" in 2003 and VOCA Prize at "VOCA 2005 The Vision of Contemporary Art" (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo) in 2005. His works have been included in the public collection of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Ishibashi Museum of Art and more.
He paints oddly unbalanced posed portrait, half-naked with briefs. Shocking at first glance, but his transcendent painting certainly captures and mirrors the current precarious state of Japanese society.

Jumbo Suzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1980. Lives and works in Tokyo.
He graduated from Nagoya Zokei University in 2007. His major exhibitions include “VOCA 2008 / The Vision of Contemporary Art”(2008 / The Ueno Royal Museum), ”Jalapagos”(2010 / TOKYO DESINGERS WEEK), "Art in an Office" (2011 / Toyota Municipal Museum of Art) and solo exhibition “Scenery of Love”(2011 / SNOW Contemporary).
His artworks coherently feature themes including celebration, feast and coffins, which mostly are motifs related to ceremonial occasions. His works however are filled with a strange and difficult feeling to comprehend, as "things" which never materialistically nor spacely nor timely relate to each other all exist in one same picture. The unique original world of Jumbo Suzuki's creation stimulate the viewer's' imagination, senses and memories, allowing the images followed by the artist’s instincts lead his own memory, creation, senses, or at times having the images communicate with each other themselves.


Born in New London, Connecticut in 1977. Lives and works in Brooklyn.
SWOON started her career as a street artist when she studied in the Pratt Institute and soon became a leading figure with a worldwide reputation. Recently, other than showing her creations on the streets, she had been actively participating in exhibitions in museums and galleries. Her recent major exhibitions include “Thalassa”(2011 / New Orleans Museum), “Art in the Streets”(2011 / Los Angeles MOCA), “Inside Out Outside In”(2011 / Museu de Arte de San Paulo) and “Honeycomb” (2012 / SNOW Contemporary). Her works have been included in the public collection of Museum of Modern Art NY, Tate Modern, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center and so on.
The main motifs of her works are lives of the artist’s friends and acquaintances. She visits everywhere over the world, including New York where she currently lives, New Orleans and Haiti which suffered from natural disasters, and India and Africa where connoted with social issues. She describes inner beauties of every each persons who resident there, delicately yet dynamically approaching expressions with wood-carving and paper cut-out techniques. Its beautifulness indicate social issues laying underneath at the same time, making the artworks approachable to its viewers with a realistic world never only limited to aesthetics and beautifulness. She currently exhibits her solo show “Submerged motherland” in Brooklyn Museum. The large-scale exhibition using the full extent of the high ceiling approximately up to 20 meters is bringing high recognition.

Brian Adam Douglas

Born in Garland, Texas in 1972. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Douglas graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1994. Major solo exhibitions include : "Due Date" (2010 / Warrington Museum, Warrington), "Due Date"(2011 / Black Rat Projects, London) and "How to Disappear Completely" (2013 / Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY). Public Collections include : the Victoria and Albert Print Collection and the Warrington Museum of Art.
Brian's methodically detailed works are constructed through an intensely laborous process starting out with a conceptual drawing that leads to a drawing on board which is consequently filled in with collaged handmade colored paper -- a method that he terms "paper painting." From a distance, one might even mistake these works as paintings until the viewer moves in closer. Douglas' art is inspired by myths, poems, psychological and philospohical texts including those of Freud and Bacon. Each of his works is infused with the drama and tension of the theatre and leads viewers to examine the power of the individual against uncontrollable forces. The works crafted for this exhibition are inspired by Brian's readings of Japanese folklore and myths. This will be the first time Brian's works will be exhibited in Japan.