Tomorrow is today I see for the first time

A major part of art that was created until today is born out of a doubt concerning “common sense”, something that is shared and believed as obvious by our societies, and is derived from a feeling of “strangeness”. However, after March 11th 2011 most of the people living in Japan started to feel uncertain about what to think regarding housing, sustenance and every little thing belonging to our daily life. Unconsciously, they started to doubt those fundamental doctrines that were society and its common sense, holding a feeling of discomfort toward everyday life. On the contrary, some people also wonder about the rightfulness of those doubts shared by so many people. The Earthquake of the Tohoku Pacific Coast has had an uprooting impact on our lives, physically and mentally. We are now seeing the society we belong through a different lens. And for all those people who are trying to restrain their various fears while simultaneously looking for a new perspective of the heart, the effect of art is timely and guaranteed.

For this exhibition, SNOW Contemporary takes the opportunity to proudly introduce its 9 member artists. Artist and Khoomei singer, Fuyuki Yamakawa; painters Korehiko Hino and Jumbo Suzuki; ALIMO who weaves stories through video animation; wood sculptor Hideki Iinuma; Atsuhiro Ito who creates installations and performances using fluorescent lights called “OPTRON”; SWOON whose worldwide activities are much more than just street art; offZNibroll, performing group exploring the relationship between body and video; and finally, Kota Takeuchi, who uses various public media as a medium for his art. Each artist’s generation, career, media and concept are individual, but they have common features that point to a vivid representation of this feeling of otherworldliness underlying our everyday lives.

“Tomorrow is today, I see for the first time” questions the imagination of the viewer. With the omnipresent threat of earthquake, radiation, our livelihood and food which are now at issue, the existence of anxiety and fear towards tomorrow has become extremely concrete. Perhaps only our imagination has the capacity to counteract those fears that suddenly become reality. The message of the artists we introduce has the power to turn our daily lives into an asZyetZunknown world of adventures. Interpreting the work via his/her own imagination, the viewer will certainly be able to not only consider the present but to contemplate the future and the past, which itself opens the path to tomorrow. Through this exhibition the viewer, at his own initiative, will experience and share the artists’ message and reflect on himself. We hope that this will lead to the construction of a “tomorrow” that is “a today we see for the first time” for all.

SNOW Contemporary
director, Mifuyu Ishimizu


2012.9.14 FRI – 30 SUN 12:00 – 20:00 *closed on September 18(Tue) and 24(Mon)
opening reception:September 14(Fri) 18:00 K 20:00
opening performance by Atsuhiro Ito : September 14(Fri) 18:30 – 18:45
venue : SNOW Contemporary (XYZ collective) / 2K30K20 1F Tsurumaki, Setagaya, Tokyo
artists: ALIMO, Hideki Iinuma, Atsuhiro Ito, off-Nibroll, Jumbo Suzuki, SWOON, Kota Takeuchi, Korehiko Hino, Fuyuki Yamakawa

photo : Keizo Kioku

BIOGRAPHY - representing artists


Animator / Painter
Born in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1977. Lives and works in Kanagawa.
He graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media in 2012.
He has showed his works worldZwidely and participated a film festival “The World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb”(2012 / Croatia), “Animated Dreams 2011”(2011 / Estonia), solo exhibition "Hironagayamamotoarimochi" (2010 / Art Center Ongoing) and “Moving Tableau”(2011 / SKIP CITY SaiZNoZKuni Visual Plaza). He was awarded special prize of "The 11th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art" in 2008 and will stay in Estonia under the Agency for Cultural Affairs (a program of overseas study for upcoming artists) from this September. He tackles his original invented technique, ‘animation tableau’, which requires a stupendous steady layered process of shooting, painting and editing.

Hideki Iinuma

Born in Nagano, Japan in 1975. Lives and works in Tokyo.
After completing his study at Graduate School of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 1998, Iinuma entered Ecole Regionale des BeauxZArts, Nantes (France). He took part in student exchange program (ERASMUS), which led him to study in Copenhagen (Denmark), Milan (Italy) and Karlsruhe (Germany). His major exhibitions include solo exhibition “Beauties” (2011 / SNOW Contemporary and SLANT), “TOKYO PARIS ROTTERDAM” (2011 / Museum Tongerlohuys, Holland) and “KISS THE HEART#1"(2012 / Isetan Shinjuku). He awarded Ernst Barlach Prize (Germany) in 2005.
Iinuma creates a series of woodcarving sculptures holding female as his consistent theme. His practice can be seen as an exteriorization of ‘femininity’ of a male artist, but also it is the expression of the male insight into the nature of female.

Atsuhiro Ito

Artist / Optron player
Born in 1965. Lives and works in Tokyo.
He graduated from Tama Art University Master's Degree Course in 1992. Ito launched his career as a visual artist in the late ’80s, and in 1998 began presenting sound performances at art exhibitions all over the world. Ito made use of fluorescent lighting (which is also an element of his art installations) in the creation of an original musical device called the optron. He continues to refine the instrument while approaching sound and music from a contemporaryZartZbased perspective. In addition to his solo exhibition and performance projects, Ito is active in a number of musical units, from rock to jazz band, sound performers and dancers.
His major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing”(2004 / Mori Art Museum), solo exhibition “V.R.”(2009 / Hara Museum) and solo exhibition “Paint Collage Works 2010”(2010 / NADiff a/p/a/r/t). Ito also performs extensively worldwide, including "NJP SUMMER FESTIVAL 21ROOMS" (Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea, 2011) and "Singapore Arts Festival 2010” (Supperclub, Singapore, 2010).
Ito is going to have his solo show in SNOW Contemporary (Tokyo) in December this year.


off-Nibroll was formed in 2005 by visual director Keisuke Takahashi and choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara. Their major exhibitions include "Roppongi Crossing"(2004 / Mori Art Museum), solo exhibition "Artist meets KURASHIKI vol.5"(2009 / Ohara Museum), "Art in Busan 2009 InterZCity"(2009 / BUSAN City Museum of Art) and solo exhibition “a quiet day”(2012 / Yokohama Creativecity Center). They also participate international festivals such as "SHANGHAI Biennial"(2004) and “ECHIGOZTSUMARI Triennial"(2006). They awarded MORI Art Museum Membership Special Prize (“Roppongi Crossing” / Mori Art Museum) in 2004 and ReZAct 2007 prize (“ReZAct 2007 prize” / Hiroshima Contemporary Art Museum) in 2007.
Their works, tackling the relationship between the body and the image explore the unlimited possibilities offered by space, body and visual images by performing not only in theatres but also in a variety of spaces such as public spaces, museums and galleries.

Jumbo Suzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1980. Lives and works in Tokyo.
His major exhibitions include “VOCA 2008 / The Vision of Contemporary Art”(2008 / The Ueno Royal Museum), ”Jalapagos”(2010 / TOKYO DESINGERS WEEK), "Art in an Office" (2011 / Toyota Municipal Museum of Art) and solo exhibition “Scenery of Love”(2011 / SNOW Contemporary).
He keeps on tracing the images popping up in his mind, occasionally associated them together, and creates a world in his own style.


Born 1977, New London, Connecticut. Lives and works in Brooklyn.
SWOON started her career as a street artist when she studied in the Pratt Institute and soon became a leading figure with a worldwide reputation. Recently, other than showing her creations on the streets, she had been actively participating in exhibitions in museums and galleries. Her recent major exhibitions include “Thalassa”(2011 / New Orleans Museum), “Art in the Streets”(2011 / Los Angeles MOCA), “Inside Out Outside In”(2011 / Museu de Arte de San Paulo) and “Honeycomb” (2012 / SNOW Contemporary). Her works have been included in the public collection of Museum of Modern Art NY, Tate Modern, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center and so on.
The characters she expresses are people living around her, starting with her friends and acquaintances, but she depicts them in a delicate but also bold way that evokes the inner beauty of each individual.

Kota Takeuchi

Born in Hyogo, Japan in 1982.
Takeuchi graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in Department of Inter Media Art in 2008. His recent major exhibitions include "The 10th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2010"(2010 / The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma), "Social Dive Z Exploratory Imagination"(2011 / 3331 Arts Chiyoda), solo exhibition “Open Secret” (2012 / SNOW Contemporary) and “Turning around” (2012 / Watari Museum of Contemporary Art). With skepticism and impulsive addiction towards communality and group consciousness as a motif, Takeuchi keeps on creating based on a physical approach in regard to rules and artificially made sceneries such as urban landscapes or public artworks.

Korehiko Hino

Born in Ishikawa, Japan in 1976. Lives and works in Tokyo.
He completed the Master Course in Painting at University of Tsukuba in 2001 and currently works at Tama Art University as a lecturer. His major exhibitions include “Life” (2006 / Art Tower Mito), solo exhibition “Wandering and Questioning”(2010 / Shanghai Art Museum) and solo exhibition "Korehiko Hino Z What Lies Beneath"(2011 / The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery). He awarded Tokyo Wonderwall Prize at "Tokyo Wonderwall Contest 2003" in 2003 and VOCA Prize at "VOCA 2005 The Vision of Contemporary Art" (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo) in 2005. His works have been included in the public collection of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Shanghai Art Museum, Ishibashi Museum of Art and more.
He paints oddly unbalanced posed portrait, halfZnaked with briefs. Shocking at first glance, but his transcendent painting certainly captures and mirrors the current precarious state of Japanese society and eventually gives us the shivers with its acute representation of our circumstances.
Hino is going to have his solo show in May 2013 in SNOW Contemporary.

Fuyuki Yamakawa

‘Khoomei’ singer / Performer / Sound creator
Born in London, UK in 1973. Lives and works in Yokohama.
He completed Master Course in Tama Art University in 1999. He currently teaches in Tokyo University of the Arts and Tama Art University. Yamakawa picks up and amplifies the sound of his heartbeat with an electronic stethoscope. His performance, expressing himself through sound and light, is completely original and powerful, and thus creates a deep resonance to the space as well as to the audience. His major exhibitions include "Busan Biennale 2008"(2008 / Busan Museum of Art), “Atomic Site”(2011 / Contemporary Art Factory) and ‘“MOT Collection Plastic Memories; to illuminate“now”’(2010 / Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo). Recent performances such as “Black Hair Ballad”(2010 / VACANT) and “Pheumonia”(2010 / Aichi Arts Center) were highly commended with their quality theme and story. His installation work “The VoiceZover”(2008) is collected by Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.