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Atsuhiro Ito “V.R. Specter audible sound, visible light”

2006/Kawasaki City Museum

SNOW Contemporary is proud to announce the opening of Atuhiro Ito’s solo exhibition from 2012 December 1th (sat) to 16th (sun).

Atuhiro Ito, an artist and OPTRON player born in 1965, graduated from Tama Art University Master's Degree Course in 1992. Ito launched his career as a visual artist in the late ’80s, and in 1998 began presenting sound performances all over the world with his own made instrument called “optron” which produces noises from the electrical discharge of a fluorescent light. The music played on optron is a repetition of intense flickers of light and noises and it stimulates and attacks our visual and auditory senses.

His major exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing”(2004 / Mori Art Museum), solo exhibition “V.R.”(2009 / Hara Museum) and solo exhibition “Paint & Collage Works 2010”(2010 / NADiff a/p/a/r/t). Ito also performs extensively worldwide, including "NJP SUMMER FESTIVAL 21ROOMS" (Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea, 2011) and "Singapore Arts Festival 2010” (Supperclub, Singapore, 2010). In addition to his solo exhibition and performance projects, Ito participates in a number of musical units, from rock to jazz band, sound performers and dancers.

For this exhibition, Ito is preparing a massivebscale installation which consists of light and sound together with some smaller works. For this exhibition to which Ito gave, “V.R. Specter” as a title and “audible sound, visible light” as a subtitle, he will introduce simultaneously a visual approach of sound and audible approach of light.

By stimulating our visual and auditory senses, Ito allows us to rediscover those senses which got dull in our daily life. We hope that this exhibition give you a chance to reconsider the way you see and hear your everyday life.

Translated by Laetitia Da Costa


session:2012/12/1(Sat) 0 16(Sun) 12:00 0 20:00 *closed on Mondays
opening reception:12/1(Sat) 18:00020:00
opening talk : 12/1(Sat) 18:30 0 *with Otomo Yoshihide
venue:SNOW Contemporary(XYZ collective) / 2030020 Tsurumaki Setagaya Tokyo
planned by and in collaboration with Daisuke Miyatsu

photo : Keizo Kioku


1992 Graduated from Tama Art University Master's Degree Course

◇Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 “Paint & Collage Works 2010” NADiff a/p/a/r/t, Tokyo
2009 “V.R.” Hara Museum, Tokyo
2008 “ALIVE Art Matsuri Vol.3” Bank ART・NYK hall, Kanagawa
2006 “Umber” Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo
       “R.G.Bb.Kyoto’06” Shinbbi, Kyoto
2005 “Na・Ri・Ka・Na・De・Mi・Ru・Ya・Mi・Yo・Mi” Arts Aporia, Osaka
       “OTO(part1)” Konstakuten Stockholm/Sweden
2002 “AUDIBLE 1913/2002” Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo

◇Selected Group Exhibitions
2012 “DANCE TRUCK PROJECT” Shinkoufutou, Kanagawa
2011 “Pacific” Scion Installation, Los Angeles/U.S
       “Better Never than Late」The museum of Modern Art, Saitama
       “Simple Interactions / sound art from Japan” Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde/Holland
       “Sapporo Biennale prebivent” Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo
       "Atomic Site" Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo
2009 “ENSEMBLES 09 / Restbful Musical Devices", Rensei Junior high School, Tokyo
2006 "Device for Variation of Narrative" Kawasaki City Museum, Kanagawa
2004 "Roppongi Crossing" Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
       "Digital sublime / Masters of Universe" Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei/Taiwan 2002 "Media City Seoul 2002 / The 2nd Seoul International Media Art Biennale"
       Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul/Korea
2001 "OPbTRANCE " KPO Kirin Plaza Osaka, Osaka
◇Selected Live performances
2012 “SONARBarcelona”(w/ Carsten Nicolai)Barcelona/Spain
2011 "NJP SUMMER FESTIVAL 21ROOMS", Nam June Paik Art Center, Soul/Korea
       "MLB", Issue Project Room, NY/U.S.
2010 "Singapore Arts Festival 2010" Supperclub, Singapore
2009 "Lousanne Under ground Filmes & music Festival", Lausanna/Switzerland
2008 "RADAR Festival ’08", Mexico City/Mexico
       "Media City Seoul 2008" Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul/Korea
       "Harajyuku Performance Plus vol.1", Laforet Museum Harajyuku, Tokyo
       “Empire, air real ” New National Theater, Tokyo
2007 "Spontaneous Core" (w/ Fuyuki Yamakawa) Venezia Biennale, Venetia/Italy
2006 "Canada Tour ’06", Montreal, Tronto/Canada
       "SONAR TOKYO", Ebisu Garden place, Tokyo
2005 "Tokyo International Performance Market’05" Marunouchibbuildings Hall, Tokyo
2004 "Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei", Under World, Taipei/Taiwan
2002 "INTONARUMORI Orchestra", Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo